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Drops Discovers aims to bring to light emerging creatives working within a multitude of disciplines; spending a day exploring and discussing these individual practices and bringing them to U.


Hal Haines 

Hal Haines is a photographer who has recently graduated from the Glasgow School of Art, working predominantly across fields of documentary, still life and portraiture. Through the medium of photography Haines captures the beauty of the mundane, eloquently representing those moments we all experience but rarely have the chance to appreciate. Typified by the chiaroscuro manner of photography, warm lighting  and gentle hues of his photographs; Haines has partnered with brands such as Burberry, Mr Porter and Uniqulo in the past. 


Instagram: @hal_haines and @about_hal

Take a look at 'Beautiful Moments within Mundane Situations' - Hal Haines on the Beauty of Photography - to find out more about Hal's practice.





Charlie Siddick 

Charlie Siddick is a writer predominantly working within the field of artist interviews and think pieces. Having graduated from The Courtauld Institute of Art with a BA in Art History; Siddick delves into thematic writings within the artistic realm, tackling social and political issues such as gender, sexuality, and contemporary culture through her compelling interviews and articles. Siddick's writing, which aims to open up difficult topics to discussion, is rooted within an investigative process; employing interviews as a means research. Some of her interviewees include Pat Cleveland, Jordan Stephens and many more. 


Take a look at 'Opening up a Conversation' - Charlie Siddick on Think Piece Writing' - to find out more about Charlie's practice.